Every religion has some religious items associated with it. In Christianity, it is Bible, Crucifix, Rosaries, Statues of Madonna, Christ, saints, angels, holy dove, Jesus in crib, and many such things that easily remind of the stories about Jesus, and the religion as such. The presence of such holy objects near one makes people safe from any impending dangers.

Many tales have been woven around to make people revere these objects. The most common one being that of Count Dracula, who is believed to flee when the person holds out a crucifix with full faith. Religious books are full of stories about gods, and saints, narrating incidents in their lives, and hardships that they suffered. Reading such books helps in keeping the faith in god alive apart from helping the reader face hardships with greater resolve and fearlessness, confident that outcome would be positive. Bible of course has something of past, and something of present, and something of future. The object is to orient followers to correct path by indicating to them what is the ultimate destiny. Interpretation of the language is something of a hurdle. There can be so many interpretations as the language is no longer in use.

Rosaries are excellent meditation tools. Thinking of god and praying at each bead can help in achieving a certain level of calmness of mind. Such beaded chains are used in other religions as well. A rosary coupled with beautiful statues of baby jesus and madonna, or angels, can help build the required mood for reflection. Candles are as inseparable part of Christianity, as holy incense sticks are of eastern religions. Lighting a candle is a ritual that could be followed either to thank god or to ask something of him. The steady light of candle again allows the person to focus and express both gratitude and the desire.

But the most pleasant of all is the divine music. The songs praising god, and asking of his help woven in quite catchy tunes make a visit to any mass a pleasurable experience. The church choir does render nice numbers, but what is amazing is almost everybody who joins in singing these hymns and songs is completely immersed, never off beat, never singing a wrong note, singing in unison that would make any music conductors seem superfluous. Music perhaps takes the soul closest to god. When attempt to sing that note perfectly is made, coupled with the understanding of words in the lyrics, all the mundane problems are truly out of window. This gives no scope for mind to stray as perhaps other forms of meditation would.

Incense sticks, and bells are usual items in most eastern religions. They too have their holy books, and customary symbols to save them in times of crisis. This is also true of religions that do not pray to any human forms, such as Islam. The followers of islam wear a cap or cloth when going to pray and it is an inseparable part of their being. These religions items indicate the faith to which a person belongs.

Religious items are objects that are cherished very much by those who have a lot of faith and dedication to their religion. Because of this, religious items are great things to give as gifts to others and make them happy. They will be thankful that you support their religion and you know that your gift will be put to good use towards their growth of faith in their religion.

There is never a sure time that you can know when you should give a person a religious item as a gift. There are many different religious holidays that you can choose to give the gift on, and you can also choose to give it on other occasions like birthdays. In order to know what religious item to give as a gift to someone, you need to figure out when youíre going to give it first. This way, you can choose the gift based on the theme of the celebration. When choosing what religious gift to give a person, you should also take into account their personality and their views on their faith and how they manifest it in their lives.

Bibles are very good gifts to give people that are new to their faith, and it will help them on their spiritual road. A bible that is given by someone that loves them will make them very happy and even more enthusiastic about their faith and interested to start learning about it. They are also good gifts to give during the baptisms of babies, for the child to grow up with their own bible. Preferably, the bible should be a childrenís bible, so that they will understand the context and grow in their faith.

Divine crosses are great gifts to give at any time, because each one is different and unique. Some people even collect divine crosses that they get from different places and different people. If you know someone who does this, then a cross is a great gift to give them, and every time they see it, they will be reminded of you.

For the religious people that love to worship through song and dance, the gift of a divine music CD or tape is a wonderful idea. Many people love music, and having religious music will help them love their religion and celebrate their faith even more. Make sure that it is a CD of songs that they like and a genre that they enjoy. Divine music comes in about as many genres as non-religious music, so you have to know a person well to choose the right CD. It is also important that the CD is one that they donít have in their collection yet.

Lastly, for those who love to curl up and read a book in their spare time, divine books are gifts that they will love and cherish. There are many divine books that talk about faith and the authors describe their own experiences with their religion and share it with others. Books on faith and religion are gifts for all ages, as long as you get the kind of book that the receiver will like.

Now you know the many different religious items that you can give as gifts to others. There are also other religious items that you can choose from, so make sure to explore. No matter what a person is interested in, they are sure to find a religious gift that will suit them.